Email Marketing and Social Media

A picture says a thousand words – yes, it’s an overused term – but it’s true. Graphical emails (HTML emails) give any communication that extra sparkle. The combination of photography, graphics and great layout will make your email mail-shot standout.

At TurnRound we can take your drafts and transform them into beautifully crafted visual emails. We check the layout works across all the major webmail providers (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail etc.) and your desktop email packages, such as Outlook and Apple Mail. You can then send them through your own email databases, or let us arrange this for you.

We can integrate your email campaign with your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social media pages.

Email recipients can be prompted to ‘like’ your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter for further information, or to get socially involved in product offers and promotions.

Beautifully crafted visual emails delivered to your inbox

Short run emailings, innovations, offers, news updates

Do you need to keep your colleagues up to date on what happening within your organisation, or have you a special offer you’d like to promote to a select few?

Why not try our short run emailer service? We can design you a great looking email template, sort all the graphics and branding, personalise your message to each recipient, and make sure it lands in his or her inbox, all for a modest fee and with quick turnarounds!

Targeting & Analytics – sending marketing emails

Depending on the size of your recipient lists, you have a number of choices how to send your email campaign.

For short-run campaigns (<1000 recipients) we can send via our in-house system.

For more than 1000 recipients, or very large lists containing tens of thousands of addresses, we recommend sending via a dedicated bulk email service provider, who can send the emails we design through their systems at great speed and avoiding being flagged as a ‘spammer’.

There are laws governing the sending of bulk emails and we can advise on the best methods depending on who your target audience and how they were added to your mailing list.

Let us sort and deliver all your email marketing needs

Contact database cleaning

You may have put together a cracking mailing list, but how many contacts are missing first names? Or have incorrectly formatted email addresses? Or incorrect postcodes?

Your mail shot is only as good as your data! We will make sure your contact data is all formatted correctly before dispatch

Our data cleaning services uses scripts (computer code) to check that your spreadsheets are formatted correctly, before we send your emails. Saving you the tedious task of manually finding bad data. Any emails that fail to miss their recipient or bounce-back, are automatically removed from your mailing list.

Worried about confidentially? Don’t be – we’ve worked for many of the world’s top companies and government organisations and abide by the Data Protection Act and GDPR rules.

Monitor the success of your email marketing campaign

Like any good marketing strategy, being able to monitor the success of a campaign is vital. The beauty of e-marketing is that is allows more tracking than conventional mail shots. At TurnRound we can offer response tracking that allows you to know who opens your email and how many times they read it, who clicks on the links in the email and the most popular links. We can also provide other statistics such as unsubscribes and bounce-backs. You’ll be able to see an overview of the data or dig deeper into the specifics.

Let us sort and deliver all your email marketing needs

Graphical email samples

Are you or your clients struggling to get their email marketing looking the business? If so, let us help. Simply send over your layouts and we’ll offer you advice on how to get it to work across all the major email services. These can then be sent through your own email databases, or let us arrange this for you.

Need help with your graphical email layouts?

E-commerce Branding – The Worm That Turned

Creating the right impression is vital when entering any online store; there are so many things to consider. Does it look inviting? Is it easy to navigate? At TurnRound we know the importance of branding, website user navigation and getting customers to buy! After branding The Worm that Turned’s new website, we’ve been developing HTML emails which complement their new brand image.

HTML Email Marketing – Have You Sust-it?

Sust-it, the energy saving site, saw a dramatic increase in email marketing. To cope with this demand we integrated their email marketing into contact forms and user databases on the site. This allows easy management of email marketing by automating the process of adding new people and removing unsubscribe requests. We can add this to your site and design great looking emailers too!

Other Samples

Need help setting-up and branding social media?

Social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+) are low-cost online tools that help you to create a dialogue, communicate with customers and generate interest. It personalises your brand and helps you to spread your message in a relaxed and conversational way through social interaction.

At TurnRound we can help you with the technicalities of setting up and branding your social media pages, then integrate these into the existing pages within your website.

We can offer a helping hand with developing content strategies, such as generating video content, which is great for search engine optimisation, and developing Facebook pages and applications or integrating social media into any eMarketing activities.

Personalise your brand with social media integration

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