Oreo's going for a world record - and YOU can help us let everybody know!


Calling all Kraft employees! Mike Clarke, Kraft Foods Europe's President, asks you to make Oreo's attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest ever blind testing the number one video clip on YouTube!


The Oreo Challenge takes place at 4pm on 20 June at the Palacio de los Deportes in Madrid, Spain. Consumers will be blindfolded and asked to perform the brand's legendary 'twist, dunk, lick' ritual on a genuine Oreo and a private label 'copycat' brand and decide for themselves which is the real thing.

Proving Oreo is simply the best


The event is the brainchild of Kraft Biscuits Iberia and is part of their ongoing campaign to highlight the benefits of our brands compared to private label brands (PLBs). 'Oreo is the fourth largest brand in the Spanish biscuits market, and blind tests have already confirmed that eight out of 10 consumers prefer it to PLBs,' explains Josetxo Soto, Marketing Director Kraft Biscuits Iberia.


Josetxo and his team are hoping to attract several thousand participants through a strong media and internet campaign (www.oreorecord.com), point-of-sale activities and the distribution of flyers at the city's shopping malls. A video of the event's highlights will be posted on YouTube the following day.


'Our attempt to break the world record is one of the many ideas we've been working on to show people why Oreo is superior to other 'me-too' brands, especially in the current economic climate when they may be tightening their belts and trading down to cheaper brands.'

A chance to make history


The blind testing will be officially adjudicated by a public notary on behalf of Guinness World Records, and hosted by famous Spanish actor Ángel Llàcer. Other top celebrities on hand to demonstrate the Oreo ritual will be singer Antonio Carmona, TV presenter Arancha del Sol, Virginia Troconis, wife of legendary bullfighter El Cordobés and former bullfighter Cristina Sanchez.


According to Josetxo: 'It will be a wonderful, fun event for families and fans of Oreo biscuits, and they'll become part of history by helping to break the world record. Above all, it will demonstrate that Oreo is unique, and there is no other biscuit like it - how ever much our competitors try to copy us!'


Everyone who takes part in the challenge will receive a special diploma, and Kraft Foods is also sponsoring a free musical, Around the World with Willy Fog, which is based on the popular cartoon version of Jules Vernes' novel, Around the World in 80 Days.




So where do YOU come in?


'I was really impressed by the originality and tremendous scope of the initiative when I visited the Kraft Biscuits Iberia Team recently, and as Oreo is such a global brand I wanted the entire Kraft Foods family to see it too,' says Mike Clarke.


'The initiative is a great example of one of our top brands in action and a inspired and memorable way of defending our brand value against PLBs in the current tough trading conditions.



'It also offers a unique opportunity for us all to help spread our message to consumers worldwide through YouTube's own huge community.


'So I urge you to do your bit to make Oreo the number one most visited video clip on YouTube by clicking on to it on Sunday 21 June from 17h CET onwards. Why don't you share it with your family and friends!'


You'll find The Oreo Guinness World Record - Madrid 2009 video on YouTube located on the Oreorecord channel under the Travel & Events category.