Designing a perfect presentation — PowerPoint template branding is critical.

Looking good in PowerPoint is all about understanding masters and your templates — combined with simplicity and design flair!

We work with lots of corporate PowerPoint guidelines that struggle to work in a real-world context. Often promoting overly fussy or overcomplicated presentation designs — frustrating both seasoned presenters and occasional users. And they positively don’t project the right image!

The financial costs in personnel time — often senior — struggling with badly design templates remains overlooked, wasting valuable time and resulting in poor looking presentations, which the branding guidelines are supposed to resolve.

Corporate PowerPoint template branding and design — Does and Don’t

Usually, presentation templates are an afterthought in the branding process, shoved to the back of the design queue — tasked to a graphic artist who has never worked within the presentation or events industry. These designers often have limited experience of PowerPoint — finding it clumsy and frustrating to use when compared to professional design applications. Insufficient knowledge of PowerPoint’s functionality often results in problematic templates.

A presentation specialist is much more qualified when rebranding templates. They will know little tricks to get the best from PowerPoint.

How do you create a great PowerPoint template?

The most helpful feature within PowerPoint is the slide ‘master layout templates’ and ‘placeholders’. Slide masters allow you to style sets of standard master layouts, e.g. bullets slides, charts, images and text.

These layout masters help to dictate the overall appearance (branding) of your slides and positioning of text and tables. Information such as the font choice, styling, sizing, colourways and palettes can be embedded too.

Background image designs, logos become automatically placed in the correct position on each slide. No more headings and logos are jumping around the screen. A consistent look to charts and tables make any organisation look their best. Getting these layouts set-up and branded corrected will save hours!

Working efficiently with PowerPoint

Understanding PowerPoint slide masters function is key to working quickly and efficiently. Most presentation sent to us appears to bypass using master templates. Many users avoid the slide master, mainly due to inadequate training or unfamiliarity with the software.

Most PowerPoint users appear to type text into the first blank slide in the file, then start adding freeform text boxes and pasting charts in from other applications. Then duplicate this slides in the sorter to create yet more poorly formatted layouts, rather than creating new slides and selecting the appropriate designs.

This approach is inefficient and full of error traps. It’s easy to make mistakes. Text sizing goes astray, wrong fonts from pasted in copy appear on your slides. Misalignments issues with logos and graphics make your slides look disjointed — very unprofessional — not right!

How to use PowerPoint masters

For PowerPoint to be able to apply correct styles automatically to content, i.e. fonts, colours, design. Text and images should go into the master Placeholders fields. These are the pre-defined text, image and chart boxes with dotted borders on the blank slide layouts.

Text inserted into these master Placeholders is resettable within the layouts. Making everything line-up and stay in registration and adopting your templates branding.

Apply slide master to existing presentations

Reapplying a new design to an existing slide deck is remarkably quick if correctly formatted using masters and placeholders. That’s why they are there!

Just insert slides from an old styled presentation, choose Reuse Slides from the bottom of the menu that appears. Browse your computer to find the file containing the slides you want to import, and select the file and click Open. Automatically they will be formatted to a new style.

Any elements such as text, graphics or charts pasted directly into a slide in custom text boxes. Will not adopt the branding characteristics (fonts, colours and especially layout) defined in the layout master. Only the text assigned to placeholders will take the correct formatting.

Corporate PowerPoint branding services

Having your corporate presentation templates set-up and designed by us will undoubtedly save time. You’ll benefit from great-looking presentations that are quick and easy to format. The savings in time can be vast for any organisation.

Online PowerPoint training

We offer a full webinar training service for end-users. These sessions run through how to work with slide master and general formatting within PowerPoint. Plus tips on the best design practice for creating stunning presentations.

And for that ‘unique’ presentation or big pitch — a full visualisation, design and animation service is recommended!

TurnRound Presentation Samples

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Let’s Talk

Animation in PowerPoint – it’s getting a whole lot better!

PowerPoint gets a lot of stick from presenters and audiences alike. The old cliché “death by PowerPoint”, we’ve all been there! It’s not really the software’s fault, or the presenter who hasn’t got the time, skills or resources to put together a cracking animated in PowerPoint slideshow.

Creating great speaker support is not about cramming information onto every frame; slides are there to illustrate your message, and bring a subject to life.  Our advice is keep it simple, use multimedia, video, animation, illustrations, and photography creatively! Good clean layout, minimal amount of text, and clear simple charts with the emphasis on the data and imagery that counts! Build-up information – even if it’s just bullet points, it makes it more visually interesting and will reinforce your spoken words. Above all don’t use slides as your notes – remember your audience can’t read as fast as you!

PowerPoint Designers

Structure your presentation into clear sections; use short video clips to breakup speech to create variety. Animation is great for highlighting complex diagrams or schematics. Always summarise the key points at the end.

It makes sense to create a presentation that can be utilised more than once, and that’s where it important to get it right – as your investment will pay dividends. You can top and tail slides to make them event specific, but having a good set of presentation slides, readily available is a real plus, when that last minute conference opportunity arises.  There’s no excuse for a shoddy presentation, please don’t blame PowerPoint as it’s a powerful communications tool when used creatively!

Filming events and conferences is great for website PR and social media engagement

Having video coverage shot of your event provides fantastic resources for follow-up press releases on your social media channels, new blogs or e-mail shots. Utilising video enables you to get so much more mileage out of your event, making all the time and effort that’s gone into organising and prompting more worthwhile – infact not having a video record could be a real PR own goal! The inclusion of video footage on websites is fast becoming the norm and far more likely to engage your audience. At TurnRound we specialise in capturing the atmosphere of any event in any location.

Our latest project was to video a vet’s conference in Cheltenham; we filmed the main presentation day, which included keynote speeches, a Q&A session and awards dinner and banquet. The speakers kindly agreed to be interviewed during the lunchtime break. We quickly edited together a flavour of the day clip for inclusion on the clients website, and recorded keynote speeches. All the source footage was given to client for future use.