Website videos – what’s the best approach for my company video

Commissioning a website video can be a daunting process even for a seasoned marketing professional, more so if it’s your first venture into video production!

TurnRound’s advice is to take a good look around the Internet at your competitor’s web videos, and hone down what style and format of you’d like to produce. This can be a time consuming process, but well worth it!  Then pick up the phone to us, and we can talk you through what the potential production costs could be for video format you like. You might be surprised at how cost effectively we could produce your video. We may also suggest an approach that is more appropriate to your message and budget too.  Always be realistic though… a James Bond film, or an episode of Top Gear cost a lot to make!

Web video styles

To help you with the decision making process, we’ve put together some examples of video formats and styles; from simple product demos for ecommerce website; to documentary styled programmes.

Here’s our list of the potential website video formats:

  • Testimonials & interviews
  • Corporate and Live events videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Video reviews & road tests
  • Instructional videos
  • eCommerce product demos
  • YouTube video commercials
  • VoxPops interviews
  • Exhibition & digital displays
  • PR library footage

Plus many more…

Please do give us a call if you’d like talk through the potential production costs of any the above video styles. TurnRound’s approach is always to produce great communications, within your budget.

Need to make a professional video?  Call 020 7100 7323 / 01242 224360 or email below.