Professional Presentation Design

That all-important presentation looms, and you need to impress. The speech is written, and you’ve struggled with PowerPoint clipart — how do you give your presentation that professional look?

Simple  just email your draft PowerPoint files to us, then let our pro-presentation designers do their magic.

PowerPoint Design Services


Then download great-looking, beautifully designed and optimised slides, for that knockout speech wherever you are!

Added sparkle even when presenting online

Professionally designed PowerPoint can give anyone’s presentation templates that added sparkle, making you and your organisation look their best. Where do you start? It’s easy, email your draft, talk us through the message, and let us visualise it for you.

Presentation visualisation is more than just charts… the whole look and feel of visuals should reflect your brand identity. Carefully selected images considered using colour and animation, or even bespoke illustrations, will give your communications that edge.

TurnRound Presentation Samples

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What types of presentations do we design?

From Engineering to Cosmetics, we’ve designed and visualised presentations for many sectors – in a plethora of subjects – content styles and targeted at a wide variety of audiences.

Examples of presentations include:

  • Launch Presentations
  • Management and Corporate Communications
  • Sales Aids, Laptop Presentations
  • Exhibitions and Trade Shows
  • Conference Speaker Support, Events and Shows
  • Touch Screen and Interactive
  • Annual Reports, Financial and AGMs

For many sectors…

  • Manufacturing
  • Consumer Goods
  • Food & Beverage Industries
  • Tech, Telecoms, Funding Pitches
  • Aerospace, Defence and Security
  • Banking and Financial
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Public Sector
  • Tourism
  • Health & Beauty
  • Utilities & Energy

So what does it cost?

Prices start from as little as £50 for bespoke corporate PowerPoint templates containing your logo. Slide-by-slide design and enhancement fees depend on the complexity of your presentation – so quotes are always provided before we start work.

Simply stunning PowerPoint design at the click of a button

Adding video and animation to presentations

PowerPoint is a powerful presentation tool with lots of multimedia functions. Our designers have great experience adding video and music to PowerPoint presentations and can advise you on the best formats. We have the facilities to edit and produce original video footage if required.

It’s what you bring into PowerPoint that… will make your presentation shine

We are also members of the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (MCPS), so we can offer fully copyright-cleared production music to add that extra lift to your presentations. Photography and packshots can also be produced in our studios.

A self-running PowerPoint offers the solution

Did you know that PowerPoint can be perfectly timed to a pre-recorded voiceover and do the work for you?

Can’t make an urgent meeting or present at an important conference?

Why do events always clash? Yet it’s impossible to be in two places simultaneously, isn’t it? We’ve helped many busy people sort out their conflicting event dilemmas by creating a PowerPoint presentation. We can script a presentation from the beginning or use existing PowerPoint material, re-visualise the content and sync a voiceover to the visuals. The end result can have multiple uses – at conferences, workshops or training events, be converted to a video to be played on YouTube and featured on your website.

The more time we have, the better the results; our normal turnaround times are two to four working days for a complex presentation. However, if you’re in a hurry, just let us know, and we’ll do our best!

Email your draft PowerPoint files to us… and then let our pro-presentation designers do their magic

Picture research, photography, bespoke animations and video/audio production will need more time to get the best results. Please do call us to talk through your presentation requirements.

Are there alternatives to PowerPoint?

Does the mention of PowerPoint send a shudder down your back? It needn’t. To be fair, it is not the fault of PowerPoint; it’s what you bring into PowerPoint that makes the difference, that being the skills of the designers, animators and filmmakers who, with a modest budget, could bring your presentation to life. Plus, you the Presenter!

Looking to standout from the crowd? There are alternatives to death by PowerPoint

So, are there any alternatives to PowerPoint? Read on…

Apple’s Keynote will certainly give your presentation that added sparkle, sophistication and slickness of Apple’s software, a factor often missing with PowerPoint. Although there isn’t a PC version, it is compatible with PowerPoint and also works on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, meaning you could run a show from a small handheld device connected wirelessly to a projector or HD display.

Prezi is the new kid on the block; it gives you a more fluid approach to presentation design, which is cloud-based, and sharable across platforms, even online or offline. However, be careful; like any presentation software, Prezi isn’t going to change you into a graphic designer, illustrator or animator! Used correctly, it’s a fantastic presentation tool. Used badly, it could make your audience motion sick!

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