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It’s an exciting time to exploit video content to show your wares and to communicate with your customers, clients or colleagues online. Whether it’s a sales message, crucial communications, or a special event we are here to help.

Our business, training, corporate and promotional web videos include original location footage, stunning graphics, documentary-style ‘fly-on-the-wall’ insights, interviews, special effects, superb soundtracks and much more. We script, shoot, edit and deliver video content for any platform or format, whether for viewing on websites, tablets, smartphones or in a thousand seated auditorium. Our crews cover the whole of the UK and can meet the most demanding location filming production schedules.

Let us help you promote your content on social media, offer advice on targeting ‘paid for’ advertising, or let it develop an audience naturally or go viral! You’ll be amazed how much coverage you can get with relatively modest budgets compared to traditional broadcast TV advertising rates.

Compelling, engaging video content and animation

  • Events Filming | PR
  • Webinars | Webcasting
  • Interpretation | Projection-Mapping experiences
  • Corporate | Business TV
  • Charitable | Non-profit
  • Testimonials | Interviews
  • Web Intros | Explainers
  • Presentations
  • Hotels | Property
  • Instructional | Training |Tutorial
  • Reviews | Road Tests
  • Retail | Product Demos
  • YouTube Ad
  • Presenters
  • VoxPops
  • Documentary Shorts
  • Exhibition | Digital Signage
  • Archive Filming
  • Vlogs

Video is a powerful communications tool for any organisation

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Live events filming & streaming

From product launches, conferences, seminars, announcements, training sessions, and press releases, at TurnRound we have years of experience in covering such live events.

Ever-faster connections allows video to connect to anyone within your organisation. Streaming enables anyone broadcast video over the internet on demand, giving you fast, convenient access to content or live events as they happen.

TurnRound are experts in filming live events, with shed loads of experience

Video production services

Great work deserves great storytelling, skillfully delivered through video, whatever your message. Online videos are reaching an ever-widening audience through social networks.

We have a wealth of experience in capturing the essence of any organisation and tailoring that to any audience. Our production team is highly skilled in telling stories and communicating sensitive subjects.

Let us help you raise awareness and communicate your message

Grab your viewers attention and keep them watching, with ‘fly-on-the-wall’ insights, interviews, archive footage, special effects, and superb soundtracks giving your message real credibility. You’ll be amazed at how much information you can absorb in a ten-minute web video. Production costs are variable according to the amount of research needed and the number of locations filmed in, however, the end results can be very engaging!

Have you a complex story to tell… why not commission a documentary styled video programme?

Video product demos and reviews

Video can bring your products to life! Recent research shows that three in five consumers are happy to invest time in watching website videos if the video educates them about a product or service they are planning to purchase. It’s the equivalent of having a knowledgeable salesperson on hand. Is it time your website was making the most of online videos?

Videos reviews offer a fantastic opportunity to generate PR exposure for any product

Promoting videos through YouTube or Facebook offers you the facility to target your audience by their interests, making it the ideal channel for niche markets and to raise brand awareness, all done on relatively modest budgets, a fraction of the cost of TV commercials.

TurnRound can produce video reviews for any product and help you target your audience through social media.

Research has also shown that consumers prefer watching professionally produced videos because they are more polished. Whilst the homemade YouTube, ‘caught on a mobile phone’ approach can be entertaining, poor quality, amateur videos won’t inspire confidence in your products. At TurnRound, we know how to produce professional videos and our fully equipped video studio is set up to film virtually any product. You can either bring your products to our studio and stay around for the filming, or simply have them delivered to us with an explanation of what aspect you want to highlight through video. It might be to show how something folds or packs away easily, the quality of materials used, or a demonstration of how something works – we’ll make your products look their best. From 360° pans to slow tracking shots around your product, all in super filmic quality high definition. And don’t forget we can shoot on location if that’s easier.

Are you making the most of video to drive sales?

Testimonials and expert interview videos

Showing customer testimonial videos on your website is a powerful marketing tool, a step further than the usually written quotes from satisfied clients. Seeing and hearing individuals talking positively about your business can be a real tipping point before potential new customers pick up the ‘phone or drop you an email.

Client testimonials will give your website real credibility and reassurance

Expert interviews

Often referred to as ‘talking heads’ – are a great way to demonstrate that your business or organisation has the knowledge and experience that potential new clients are looking for. Whether you are accountants, architects or in a law practice, the expert-led video approach can enhance your website and communicate your message in a powerful, professional way. In addition, interviews are straightforward to produce and very cost-effective. Our expert video crews will guide you through the process, and above all make you look good!

Explainer videos and website Intros – what are they?

You’ve probably viewed many ‘Explainer videos’ without knowing what to call them! Put simply, they’re online introduction videos or infographic animations that explain what you do, sell or make. A great visual showcase; they are your multimedia brochure, business card, tour around your office, factory and website, or a friendlier way to say hello to your team, all rolled into one.

Text is great, but if you’re like me, you’d rather watch video any day. They bring together the senses, making it easier to absorb information quickly. Potential customers will understand your product or service once they see and hear someone explain it to them. Catching new customers before they click elsewhere!

An Explainer video can be far more engaging than simple PowerPoint slides full of bullet points. It requires a tightly drafted script, great looking graphics, creatively shot videos, all stitched to together with super smooth animations.

Property video tours, walkthroughs and aerial filming

Bring any property to life with a professional video tour – our expertly filmed walkthroughs and aerial drone footage can show any location at its best. Whether you’re hotelier, holiday accommodation provider, restaurant owner, or a property professional in the commercial/residential sector, we can help.

Our experienced video production team will offer advice on appropriate format and style to shoot your video, and on how to prepare your property for filming. Aerial drone photography/video can be organised too (subject to CAA regulations). Footage of local attractions and features can be filmed to add extra interest and impact.

Pricing packages range from simple room-to-room walkthroughs to more sophisticated scripted and voiced programmes, explaining the unique features of any property or business.

Instructional & training videos

Answering the ‘how-to’ questions is easy when you demonstrate it on video. Simple ideas, complex procedures or technical processes can be explained quickly and effectively with a training video. This can then be placed on your website, uploaded to your YouTube channel for future use or mailed out as a DVD with your products.

We can film at your premises, or in our purpose-built film studios in Gloucestershire, either way, you will get a professional, well scripted, expertly shot video; with the right sound quality and lighting.

How does this work?
What should I do next?
Is this the right approach?

Library archive (B roll) footage filming

Imagine your business is in the news and a media organisation is on the ‘phone asking for broadcast quality stock footage of your operations. Have you got it? Or a client or supplier is producing a video and would like to feature your products or services and is asking for editable material. Having your own library of B roll footage could be the difference between free brand exposure, or ending up on the cutting room floor!

Broadcast quality stock footage filmed for your company

At TurnRound we’ve years of experience in shooting high-quality footage, in many different environments. We can store the archive footage for instant access in any Broadcast format. You’ll save time and never miss a PR opportunity again.

YouTube video commercials production

Are you put off by the costs and complexities of TV advertising? There is an alternative – YouTube advertising can be a cost-effective well-targeted option. Over half the searches made online are now made on YouTube, that’s a massive audience you could be tapping into.

Thought of TV advertising?
Put off by the cost and complexities?

Making your YouTube advertisement couldn’t be easier too. TurnRound can script, shoot, edit and deliver fantastic YouTube video content on virtually any subject. We can work with your creative team or agency, or develop ideas from scratch. Once your ad is filmed, edited and approved, let us help you promote yourself on YouTube, offer advice on targeting ‘paid for’ YouTube advertising, or let it develop an audience naturally or go viral! You’ll be amazed how much coverage you can get on YouTube, for relatively modest budgets compared to traditional broadcast TV advertising rates.

VoxPops interview videos

Simple questions asked to members of the public can give real insights into consumer’s attitudes. Having video interviews on your website or in that ‘all-important’ presentation, will create that extra interest to make your communications more memorable.

Employee styled Vox pops are a great way of promoting your business too and are much less formal than staged corporate interviews. Potential clients can get a glimpse of the character of your organisation, and it’s an opportunity to sell your strengths. The other major bonus is that they are relatively inexpensive videos to make.

Vox-pops interviews give any message an air of reality

Professional website video presenters

Using a professional website presenter can make all the difference to your message and add that personal touch. They talk directly to the website user, either offering advice on how to make the most from your website or giving a clear sales message. We have a wide selection of presenters to choose from, tailoring each to the image you wish to portray.

We film the presenters in our purpose-built film studio. Once filmed, we can superimpose your presenter onto any background.

Who watches online videos?

According to Forbes Insight, executives watch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week. Half watch business-related videos on YouTube and 65% go onto visit the website after viewing a video.

Three in five consumers are happy to invest time if the video educates them about a product or service they are planning to purchase. Over half prefer to watch professionally produced videos, because they are more polished than user-generated videos. Source:


Video is a powerful communications tool for any organisation

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