Facilities and Production

We are able to bring any subject to life, in any format. We specialise in creating dynamic web video programmes for business and broadcast clients. With a wealth of experience and technical know-how, we script, shoot and edit to the highest standards.

Our fully equipped video studios in Gloucestershire come with professional editing and broadcast experienced motion graphics team. As a result, specific requirements such as multi-lingual dubbing, integrating videos into your website and making PowerPoint presentations can all be handled with minimum fuss and expense.

Full pre and post-production expertise

Once shot, your video will seamlessly integrate into your website, social media, presentations, memory sticks or even give away LCD screens. And because we are video and animation specialists, we know how to make your message really work on your website. We can provide:

  • Full video production facilities
  • Location and studio filming in any format
  • Digital editing and effects
  • 2 & 3D video graphics
  • Studio space
  • Video encoding for websites and DVD/Blu-ray
  • Set-up of YouTube channels
  • Audio dubbing and mixing
  • Voiceovers

We are experienced programme makers with a new media approach

Film and Photographic studio hire


Located in the beautiful Gloucestershire countryside, conveniently situated only 15 minutes from Gloucester railway station, and close to the M5 and M50 junctions, TurnRound’s film and photographic studio is a great facility for filming head and shoulders shots, green screen presenter videos, product demonstrations, studio interviews and/or small room sets. If you need space for something bigger – a car for instance – then please call, as more space is available locally. Our filming facilities are convenient for clients located in Herefordshire and Worcestershire too.

“Lights! Camera! Action!” Video, film, and photographic studio near Cheltenham

  • 47 sq. m. studio
  • Set design and creation
  • Lighting
  • Blue/green screen

Please give us a call when you need professional filming at reasonable rates

  • All major formats
  • Lighting
  • Steady-cam
  • Tracking shots
  • Interviews
  • Studio
  • Location

Need a location film crew in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire or the south west? We’ve got it covered

Video editing services – Gloucestershire

Can we edit? “Yes, we can!” Fast stuff, slow stuff, dissolves, without the tacky special effects.

Animation, motion graphics and infographics

At TurnRound, we specialise in designing motion graphics and animation. Our experience ranges from TV work, corporate video and conference production, to award winning interactive games development and title sequences for broadcast television.

We know how to work with traditional cell animators, cartoonists, alongside 2D / 3D computer graphics techniques, combining artwork with memory-efficient, interactive software such as Flash, Shockwave and After Effects, to create faster, more fluid screen presentations.

Broadcast TV credited motion graphics and animation from Gloucestershire

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The video production process – how to plan an effective video shoot – The Brief

The client (that’s you) provides the production company (that’s us) with a brief. This could be simply a face-to-face meeting or a more formal written document. Whatever form it takes, a clear brief is the cornerstone of a successful video. We can advise on the best strategy to adopt to get your message across, and if video is the right means to do it. You know your business the best, but what we need to know is:

  • What do you need to communicate?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • How will it be delivered? (online, in a presentation, in-store, mailed out or on TV?)
  • How does it fit into your new or existing communications strategy?
  • Are any animation or specialist graphics required?
  • When do you want it?
  • …and finally, an indication of budgets is helpful, but not essential

1. Our Response

We respond to the brief with a detailed creative proposal. This will outline our approach to the production, its potential format, content and how and who will be working on your project. We outline the audience you are targeting, the best delivery method (web, DVD, conference etc), and the implications of these. As well as this, other considerations, even as basic as ‘why a video?’, will be addressed and other solutions offered as necessary. On top of all this, you will be given basic time scales/schedules and a full budget breakdown.

2. Scripting and Storyboarding

The proposal accepted! After a more detailed briefing, you will be presented with a draft script/storyboard for discussion and a more detailed schedule (if it’s a big production you will also receive your first invoice).

3. The Schedule

The shooting schedule is the detailed diary of the production process, telling everybody involved the ‘where, when and what’. The script will now be finalised, a shot list is drawn up, kit and talent auditioned and booked, props or sets commissioned.

4: Who does what?

So you have the schedule and, depending on the size and scale of the video production, it could be full of job titles that you have heard of but might not know what they do… you might think “do I really need a gaffer or best boy?” well the answer on most video shoots would be “no”, but roll over the titles below to see what they actually do:

6. On Location

You can’t just film anywhere; permissions need to be sorted if filming on public or private land. If it’s on your premises we will need to make sure any health and safety issues are addressed and prepare any risk assessments necessary. We will advise you of the best options for a stress-free filming day!

Don’t forget a studio always offers the most controlled environment for filming.

7. The Shoot

The crew commits the storyboard and script to tape, it is always good to have the client along to help with their interpretation of procedures and to check detail. The shot list and script for that days filming are covered. During the shoot a time-coded shot list is made to edit with.

8. The Edit

The filming completed now it’s time to edit the shots together. A rough cut or off-line is made of the dialogue, key scenes and basic graphics and this is presented to you for approval. Once agreed the on-line edit is prepared. This is essentially the final version, however, changes can be made at all stages of the editing process thanks to the wonders of computers (they just get a bit more time consuming (i.e. expensive) the later in the production process you change things; planning is the key to an on-budget video).

9. Final delivery

With the editing finished it’s time for getting your message out there. Confused about how? We will guide you through the maze of formats and present you with the best solution based on over 20 years of experience (that’s 20 years each!).

Efficient Blu-Ray & DVD mastering and duplication services

Digital video encoding & formatting – we are experienced in making digital/analogue video run in many streaming formats. Provide us with the specification of the output and we will encode your programme at the best possible quality.

High-quality video for use in:

  • Web Sites & Intranet Sites, streaming services (YouTube, Vimeo)
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • DVD-ROMs / Blu-rays
  • Email Attachments

We can encode to the following formats:

  • QuickTime
  • MPEG1 – CD-ROM
  • MPEG2 – DVD
  • MPEG4 – Mobile & Computer
  • H264
  • Windows Media
  • Real Video
  • Flash Video

Need to incorporate legacy professional or domestic tape formats into your video edit? TurnRound can cater for most analogue tape formats including, Digibeta/SP, DV, DVCam, U-Matic Hi/Low Band, VHS, S-VHS, Hi8. And what shape you may ask? 4:3 or 16:9? “Yes, both.”

  • HD Formats
  • Digi-beta
  • Betacam SP
  • MiniDV
  • Digital editing
  • Titles
  • Audio mixing
  • Timecoded rushes

Videotape conversion to digital online formats

We offer a competitively priced transfer and duplication service, geared to providing you with the best quality copies. We can quote you a price immediately. Please note that we will not copy any material that we believe to breach any intellectual property rights.

TurnRound can convert most professional legacy tape formats to DVD, Blue Ray and to digital formats for online viewing. Please email/call for more information.

DVD Duplication

We offer a fast and efficient DVD duplication service for recordable DVDs, including labels and packaging. Interactive DVD Video menu design is also available – please call for more information and for a quote.

  • Short-run DVD copies onto 4.7gb DVD-R
  • Data DVDs & non-commercial DVD Video copies
  • DVD Video copies must have proof of copyright
  • These DVDs playback in 99% of domestic and computer DVD players
  • CD Duplication & Replication

Replication is the term given to injection moulded discs that are stamped from a glass master. This process is used for 500 and above copies.

Duplication is used for short copying runs, usually, up to 500 units, CD or DVD blanks have data physically burnt into a foil layer, the laser in your CD reader sees the ‘holes’ and ‘no holes’ in the same way as peaks and troughs found on a replicated CD/DVD.

  • Short-run CD Duplication onto 700mb CD-R
  • Black & White and Colour Inkjet Labels
  • Laser Printed Inlays
  • CD/DVD Cases
  • DVD Movie Cases
  • CD Jewel Cases (Standard)
  • CD Jewel Cases (Slimline)
  • CD Jewel Cases (Slim one-piece unbreakable)
  • Plastic Wallets
  • Cardboard Wallets
  • Tape Formats

To and from the following formats:

  • High-Definition Tapes/Disk
  • HD CAM
  • HDV
  • Digital Tape
  • Digital Betacam
  • Betacam SX
  • Digital S
  • DVC Pro
  • MiniDV
  • DV
  • Analogue Tape
  • Betacam SP
  • Umatic Low/High SP
  • S-VHS
  • VHS
  • Hi-8/8mm

Plastic Cases, Cardboard Sleeves and Labels can be supplied if required.

Standards Conversion

To and from PAL and NTSC in multiple formats. Becoming a thing of the past with multi-format playback machines, but in a nutshell, American TV, NTSC, is 720×480 pixels (DV-NTSC) and plays at approximately 30 frames per second; the UK TV standard, PAL, is (at the moment) 720 x 576 pixels and plays at 25 frames per second. A TV standards converter does the best of a bad job to convert one to the other. It is the reason why US sit-coms always look a bit fluffy and the colours (or should that be colours) seem a little pink.

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