Immersive projections in art installations, live music events, and museum interpretation

Vr Headset

Immersive projections are a technological marvel and a practical solution that changes how we experience art, music, and artistic heritage. This technology enhances sensory engagement without costly VR headsets. From installation artworks to live music events and museum exhibitions, immersive projections are a game-changer, offering a headset-free virtual reality. The Headset-Free Virtual Reality Revolution One … Read more

Projection mapping, another tool for advertisers and marketers

Ioniq 5 Projection Mapping 2000

Projection mapping has the potential to revolutionise night-time marketing and advertising, offering a unique and captivating approach that can engage audiences and leave a lasting impression. This technology’s versatility and adaptability make it an attractive option for a wide range of marketing objectives, from raising brand recognition to promoting new products and services. Projected media … Read more

Street projection illuminates artists working within their community

Dsc 0191 Copy

It’s fantastic to be out on the road again, this time helping ACME studios showcase their work, supporting artists with affordable studio space in London. The event formed part of the #wearelewisham. Lewisham is The Mayor’s London Borough of Culture 2022. Our Projections and lighting transformed ACME’s Childers Street building — a 1920s-built former ship … Read more

Designing a perfect presentation — PowerPoint template branding is critical.

Conferance Production Companies

Looking good in PowerPoint is all about understanding masters and your templates — combined with simplicity and design flair! We work with lots of corporate PowerPoint guidelines that struggle to work in a real-world context. Often promoting overly fussy or overcomplicated presentation designs — frustrating both seasoned presenters and occasional users. And they positively don’t … Read more

Projection Mapping enhances visitor experience

02 Projectionmapping

Heartening to hear the sound of flight case wheels rumbling out of the studio again — been a long time! It’s even more enjoyable when it’s a fascinating Heritage Open Days Projection Mapping project in one of Cheltenham’s iconic buildings, The Pittville Pump Room. Architectural projection mapping We utilised six high-powered projectors helping to transform … Read more

Mobile friendly user interface (UI) design, tappable user centric

Ui Banner

The shift in commerce to online platforms, plus smartphone taken-up has driven a whole new approach to how we’re interacting with devices, whether that’s your phone, tablet or computer. Ease of use, even on the smallest phone is a must as consumers shift away from bricks and mortar shopping, to online. The importance of slick … Read more

Travel Management tool App development ‘Know & Go’

Unison Loop Big Screen

Technology is helping take the stress out of business travel for Mondelez International employees. Giving your business travellers the tools they deserve is a priority for any organisation — better-informed travellers are more productive and safer. Plus the extra benefit of helping to keep travel expenditure under control — especially as travel is one of the … Read more

YouTube Video Marketing — Link Cards drive visitors to your website

Youtube Link Cards

YouTube link cards are a great new video marketing tool for driving traffic to your website. Cards allow you to add interactive banners, which appear at the top of your videos. These tempt viewers to visit relevant content being shown in the video clip being watched. A teaser message subtly appears in the top right of the screen as the video plays.

Read more

Inbound or Outbound Digital Marketing — what’s the difference?

Inbound Marketing

Let’s start with a few definitions. Outbound Marketing is reaching out to your customers by traditional means, e.g. television commercials, radio ads, print adverts (press ads, flyers, brochures, catalogues, advertorials), trade shows, cold calls, even billboards and posters, and direct mail/email campaigns. It’s all about targeting your product, services, and brand to your potential customers … Read more

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  • Almanzora
  • Arconic
  • Cadbury
  • Channel 4
  • Chevron
  • EDF
  • GE
  • Kenco
  • Kraft
  • Milka
  • Mondelez
  • Natural England
  • NHS
  • PGL
  • Robert Hitchins
  • Spirax Sarco
  • Toblerone
  • Ultra Electronics
  • Unison
  • Wella
  • Whittard
  • Wilkinson
  • Paradigm Precision
  • ZipCar
  • Calastone
  • The Cheltenham Trust
  • ACME

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