Video Promotion — content needs to be seen!

Getting the production and promotion right is key to a successful video campaign. A professionally produced video adds credibility; although, you still need to get views — our joined-up strategies make sure your investment pays dividends.  

TurnRound’s video service offers a flexible pricing structure, from as little as few hundred pounds a day for filming, too much higher valued projects. Whatever your budget, we always ensure your content is filmed to the highest broadcast standards.

Great content needs to be seen — joined-up video promotion strategies

Once your project is filmed, edited and approved, let us help you promote yourself on social media platforms, offer advice on targeting ‘paid for’ advertising, or let it develop an audience naturally or go viral!  You’ll be amazed how much coverage you can get on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, for relatively modest budgets compared to traditional broadcast TV advertising rates. Please email for our guide to video production budgets and how we can promote your business online.

TurnRound create web videos that will improve your communications, deliver new business for any organisation, big or small.

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About TurnRound

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At TurnRound we’ve a long track record in delivering great video communications. We’ve a depth of experience in all aspects of filmmaking, from location work and editing to adding video to your website.

It’s great ideas, combined with well crafted skills and technical know-how, that makes the difference to any successful video project; not broken promises, apologies and overspent budgets! And we know that quality video production demands a multi-disciplined approach; skilled designers, writers, directors, presenters and crews are all needed to create effective videos.

TurnRound’s creative and technical teams can be your guide to new media, offering the very best advice on its possibilities that deliver real results, on time and on budget. Our clients benefit from TurnRound’s technical know-how and enthusiasm for new technologies; we’re always on the look out for new cost effective solutions to your digital communications and marketing needs.


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