Property video tours filming throughout the UK – Cheltenham House Montpellier

Walkthrough videos certainly throw up some interesting filming challenges; from lens choices to getting the lighting right and capturing the best features. It’s made a lot easier when you start with a great looking property to film, as was the case when we filmed the stunning Cheltenham House in Montpellier; it gave us a great canvas to work with. This upmarket luxury property was filmed on what seemed to be the hottest day of the summer!  It took us a full day to capture the whole house, with the dining room needing to be redressed twice to add to the complexities.

We helped the client with scripting, organised the voiceover and edited it all together for upload to TurnRound’s YouTube page. Having property tours and walkthroughs on a hotel or property based business adds real traction to any website, for search engine optimisation (SEO) purposes – Google likes sites with great original media content, plus it makes visitors spend more time on a site too. Adding video is a very easy process, simply paste in a line of code into a website and the video will be there!  If only making great videos was that easy!