‘How to’ video filming in our studio in Gloucestershire.

Are you a visual learner? Or just can’t be bothered to read the manual? I’m certainly the latter… give me a YouTube how-to video to watch any day of the week. They are fast becoming the ‘norm’ in the ‘tablet’ computing age.

Filming a ‘how to’ video is surprisingly more difficult and time consuming than I first imagined. The task of shooting a kitchen unit assembly video for a major retailer initially seemed straightforward, having built a few kitchen cabinets in my DIY career, that’s until I started looking at the instructions; it had a parts list bigger than an Airfix B-52 model!

Luckily the client provided two well-dressed seasoned pros who knew their way around the assembly instructions and could handle a hole punch! Patience, taking the time to do things again and again and in a different sequence, seems to surprise clients unfamiliar with the filming process. Although the finished ‘how to’ video may only last 10 minutes, it still required a full day of filming in our Gloucestershire studios, to capture the whole 21 step assembly procedure.

And the best bit? The client didn’t change a thing in the edit – we got it right first time … unlike my DIY career!