Filming events and conferences is great for website PR and social media engagement

Having video coverage shot of your event provides fantastic resources for follow-up press releases on your social media channels, new blogs or e-mail shots. Utilising video enables you to get so much more mileage out of your event, making all the time and effort that’s gone into organising and prompting more worthwhile – infact not having a video record could be a real PR own goal! The inclusion of video footage on websites is fast becoming the norm and far more likely to engage your audience. At TurnRound we specialise in capturing the atmosphere of any event in any location.

Our latest project was to video a vet’s conference in Cheltenham; we filmed the main presentation day, which included keynote speeches, a Q&A session and awards dinner and banquet. The speakers kindly agreed to be interviewed during the lunchtime break. We quickly edited together a flavour of the day clip for inclusion on the clients website, and recorded keynote speeches. All the source footage was given to client for future use.