Animation in PowerPoint – it’s getting a whole lot better!

PowerPoint gets a lot of stick from presenters and audiences alike. The old cliché “death by PowerPoint”, we’ve all been there! It’s not really the software’s fault, or the presenter who hasn’t got the time, skills or resources to put together a cracking animated PowerPoint slideshow.

Creating great speaker support is not about cramming information onto every frame; slides are there to illustrate your message and bring a subject to life.  Our advice is to keep it simple, use multimedia, video, animation, illustrations, and photography creatively! Good clean layout, the minimal amount of text, and clear simple charts with the emphasis on the data and imagery that counts! Build-up information – even if it’s just bullet points, it makes it more visually interesting and will reinforce your spoken words. Above all don’t use slides as your notes – remember your audience can’t read as fast as you!

PowerPoint Designers

Structure your presentation into clear sections; use short video clips to break up speech to create variety. Animation is great for highlighting complex diagrams or schematics. Always summarise the key points at the end.

It makes sense to create a presentation that can be utilised more than once, and that’s where it is important to get it right – as your investment will pay dividends. You can top and tail slides to make them event-specific, but having a good set of presentation slides, readily available is a real plus when that last-minute conference opportunity arises.  There’s no excuse for a shoddy presentation, please don’t blame PowerPoint as it’s a powerful communications tool when used creatively!