Multi-image & Projection Mapping

Multi Image (multiple projectors) allows the creation of super panoramic screens of projected images. Banks of projectors are lined-up seamlessly to create the illusion of one super-large image, or projectors are used individually creating multi layered imagery storytelling, viewable from many angles. Soundtracks are sequenced to bring the whole visual experience to life. These multi-image shows are well suited to visitor attractions, or any events where the added wow factor is a must.

Multi projection shows are not limited to projecting images onto screens – as you would in a cinema. Incredible effects can be created by projecting onto buildings, structures, drapes and sets, (projection mapping) in fact any surface that is reasonably reflective and course when it’s dark! Durham Lumière light festival is a great example of projecting onto buildings, Son et lumière!

Audio visual know-how

TurnRound’s multi talented creative team works collaboratively with producers, directors, design agencies, academics, heritage professionals and community groups on projects all over the UK and oversees.

We have over 25 years of experience in staging events and developing multimedia communications, for both public and private sector clients.

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