YouTube Video Marketing — Link Cards drive visitors to your website

YouTube link cards are a great new video marketing tool for driving traffic to your website. Cards allow you to add interactive banners, which appear at the top of your videos. These tempt viewers to visit relevant content being shown in the video clip being watched. A teaser message subtly appears in the top right of the screen as the video plays.

Example YouTube Card Teaser

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Touch screen PDF viewer for exhibition interactive displays

You don’t have to clutter up your beautifully designed exhibition stand with expensively printed leaflets. Our latest project was to design a touch screen exhibition display that allowed the public to view a wide range of company literature as PDF’s on HP Touch Smart computers.


Once viewed the users could choose to have these instantly emailed to themselves — as the computers were linked to the local Wi-fi network. This was a great way to reach out to potential new customers in a quick and efficient professional manner, plus it created a great resource for future marketing activity.


Video Marketing – web introduction videos at a modest budget

Video intros are a great way to introduce any business to potential new customers as they visit your website. It’s amazing how much information can be conveyed in a two-minute video. It’s far more engaging showing your products or services on video than plain old text and static images. The other big plus is production costs can be a lot less than you think!  Adding video to your website is so easy with YouTube.

We recently produced a short web video for On Farm Feeds, explaining their farm feed milling service and showcasing their latest impressive equipment.  Shot on location in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside, we then scripted, edited the footage together with a professional voiceover, in a couple of days. The end result is a professional video produced at a very modest budget, giving the client an excellent marketing tool, with multiple uses – website, trade shows and exhibitions – making its debut a the Three Counties Show. Would you like to know what it cost to make? Please give us a call on 01242 224360 and we’ll let you know.