Conference Production and Staging

At TurnRound we understand what it takes to make your conference come to life. We specialise in creating dynamic shows that blend live-action, great graphics, video and sound  to make your communication really work for your audience.

We handle all stages of live event production using innovative production techniques, proven technology and traditional skills for all types of presentations ranging from major multimedia shows to small-scale seminars.


How do we make live events run smoothly?


First of all, we work to your brief, then do as many of these as you need:-

  • create concepts and themes
  • event planning logistics
  • pre-event invitations and teasers
  • online registration
  • event signage
  • branded goodies
  • design and build sets
  • book artists, accommodation and entertainment
  • script-edit and write speeches, videos and stage presentations
  • produce text and graphics for speaker support
  • provide teleprompter services
  • assist speakers with presentation skills
  • produce video and audio modules
  • provide experienced crews and technical staff
  • ensure that presentations run smoothly and effectively
  • follow up marketing
  • provide clearly set out and properly costed budgets – and stick to them

Conference video modules & openers production


Video is a powerful tool for adding substance to any presentation, it allows you to demonstrate ideas, show operations, or ask opinions of experts that would be impossible in a live scenario. It gives the opportunity to break your presentation into memorable chunks of information, plus it can take the pressure off presenters, especially if they have complex ideas to communicate in a limited time slot.

Pre-filmed interviews, case studies, testimonials and expert opinions will bring any presentation to life

Conference video openers will add that extra wow factor to product launches or PR events, especially when combined with live-action on the stage. They reinforce key messages and build upon the branding of your event, and ultimately make your meeting more memorable!

Conference filming, projection & web broadcasting

TurnRound can film any live event, from product launches, music concerts to award ceremonies. Coverage can be anything from a simple three-camera rig to a multi-camera extravaganza. The live video feeds can be projected onto giant screens — giving everyone a front-row view — or broadcasted over the web to colleagues who can’t be there.

Give everyone a front row view with our multi camera live video events filming

Would you like your next live presentation to really stand out?

If you’re planning to film a special event please do call and let our experienced crews guide you through the processes and technicalities of successful event filming. We can liaise with others involved in the production, or arrange for our video feeds to be broadcast over the internet, and help with content creation as required.

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