‘How to’ video filming in our studio in Gloucestershire.

How To Videos

Are you a visual learner? Or just can’t be bothered to read the manual? I’m certainly the latter… give me a YouTube how-to video to watch any day of the week. They are fast becoming the ‘norm’ in the ‘tablet’ computing age. Filming a ‘how to’ video is surprisingly more difficult and time-consuming than I … Read more

WordPress setup service for Businesses, Schools and Charities

Wordpress Sample Sites Cuto

WordPress design and branding for anyone Seventy million websites and counting – can only be a testament to how good WordPress is. Originally developed as an open-source (free) blog building software, it has grown up into a fantastic tool for developing easy to update websites able to be managed by anyone! We’ve just completed a … Read more

Video Marketing – web introduction videos at a modest budget

Video intros are a great way to introduce any business to potential new customers as they visit your website. It’s amazing how much information can be conveyed in a two-minute video. It’s far more engaging showing your products or services on video than plain old text and static images. The other big plus is production … Read more

Celebrating twenty-five years on screen!


“I can’t believe it’s 25 years since TurnRound started! Much has changed technology-wise, yet fundamentally what we do, hasn’t. It’s still all about producing great communications, on time and on budget!” Our very first project was designing a property presentation for Chatham Maritime (which is still an ongoing development). We quickly moved on to complete … Read more

Website videos – what’s the best approach for my company video

Web Video Styles

Commissioning a website video can be a daunting process even for a seasoned marketing professional, more so if it’s your first venture into video production! TurnRound’s advice is to take a good look around the Internet at your competitor’s web videos, and hone down what style and format of you’d like to produce. This can … Read more

Explainer and intro videos

Explainer videos are short online videos or animations that explain what you do, sell or make. Potential customers will understand your product or service once they see and hear it explained! Video is a powerful medium, appealing to more of our senses, making it easier to absorb information quickly. Catch new customers before they click … Read more

Electric bike road test filming in Malvern, Worcestershire

Location filming in Malvern

Shooting video footage for road tests certainly throws up plenty of challenges; the first thing is getting the weather right, the right kit and location. We certainly struck lucky the weekend we had to film the Zero electric motorcycle. Apart from slightly milky looking white skies, the rain keeps off whilst we shot video footage … Read more

Tips on shooting marketing YouTube videos – flip chart presentation

Oh, I’ll just get my camcorder and we’ll shoot a marketing video for YouTube. Okay modern domestic camcorders, even phones, can shoot footage nearly as good as cameras that used to cost the same price as a terraced house! I’m not joking here. How technology has changed. But what hasn’t changed is the skill, knowledge … Read more

Olympic torch relay passes near our studio

Great to see the Olympic torch in Hartpury, great atmosphere, loads of people there to enjoy a once in a lifetime experience. It certainly made the Olympics seem a more UK focused event, rather than something that’s only happening in London! Nice to see the police enjoying themselves too, I wish I could be be … Read more

Proud to have worked with:

  • Almanzora
  • Arconic
  • Cadbury
  • Channel 4
  • Chevron
  • EDF
  • GE
  • Kenco
  • Kraft
  • Milka
  • Mondelez
  • Natural England
  • NHS
  • PGL
  • Robert Hitchins
  • Spirax Sarco
  • Toblerone
  • Ultra Electronics
  • Unison
  • Wella
  • Whittard
  • Wilkinson
  • Paradigm Precision
  • ZipCar
  • Calastone
  • The Cheltenham Trust
  • ACME

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